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Fully restored ground up restoration nut

Le 11 janvier 2018, 03:50 dans Humeurs 0


 Renowned for perfect Lambretta and Vespa restorations through out the world, world-wide Lambretta and Vespa parts service, Lambretta scooters, Lambretta sales, Lambretta servicing, Lambretta repairs, Lambretta accessories, Lambretta books, Lambretta badges, full Lambretta body-work facilities, chroming, powder coating, polishing, plating, tyres, all posted fast any where in the world, free advice & friendly service, are just some of the things we can offer you and your scooter We have Vespa"s Gp"s and Lambretta"s to the specifications you want from C.

 You name it we do it for you. With and without Disc brakes from Lambrettas 225 to 250 performance kits from Ts1 to Rapido 250. It is only now that European, Australian, New Zealand and American collectors and dealers are finding their way to us to.

  Fully chromed trims of your choice. All the paint and paint work and products are 100% ppgppgppg and nothing give us ppg code we do the colour of your choice as well. Last but not the least our bikes are not build by one handed chicken farmers who don't know any thing about restoring these beauties. we are already exporting to Europe and USA literally every developed country has our satisfied customer

  We have a wide range customer base as our clients for scooter's from school going turbine bearing manufacturers scoot enthuiasts to grand pa's, agreed every customer wants some thing different for their scooters from simple gp's to vespa's to top of line ts1 performance based bikes. TO 200 C. We take care of their every need from custom built to regular line bikes.

   Fully restored ground up restoration nut and bolt restoration) we strip the bikes to their naked sheat treat them with rust resistant primer then standard epoxy, surfacer to base coat to clear coat(to give it that wet-look).l gp 200 engine i will not say that my bike's are almost 100% new parts and will not say like other makers that new outer kits(cables), wiring, locks, carburettors, bearing seals etcetc because it looks stupid and only people who mension that are people who re-cycly parts in their bikes my bikes have 100% brand new parts period.

 The real classical beauties, some people call it vbb,some call them sportiques but it in real sense is the face of vespa. In fact, we at VESPABRETTA have are now already exporting the classic scooters on the market in Italy (imagine!). Since then we have never looked back. Fully chromed trims of your choice only the best chrome job so it retains the shine and are antiflaking unlike the poor chroming. None of our products is local or bad after market as i my self take care of all that and use only best and genuine parts vespas are available in multiple power options,all the vespas are 12 v electronic,10" wheels

If you are generally motivated by fear

Le 26 décembre 2017, 02:55 dans Humeurs 0


  Perhaps you feel some kind of inner conflict like part of me wants this really bad, but part of me doesnt for whatever reason - its too hard, its scary, it means I dont get that other thing I want. A champion has the ability to focus on what they want and on the important things that will lead to improvement and to results. When you start honing your focus you will be amazed at what you can achieve. I know I have in the past. Conflict often occurs when you consciously think you want something and your unconscious mind has other ideas mainly because of its past programming based on the experiences you have had through-out your life.

  When challenges arise, become aware of where your focus is. Think about what it is your really want and commit to it to create the opportunities that will assure its fulfillment. Its because the conscious mind decides on the goal, but the unconscious thrust bearings suppliers mind doesnt believe in it, or one is focusing on the wrong things to get that goal. The mind does not understand the word not or dont and only hears what comes after the negative word. Distractions may come in different opportunities and the true champion will persist and continue on until that goal is achieved.

  That is why sometimes you may have been motivated to strive for a new goal, small or big, and find yourself almost battling yourself and even self sabotaging.

  So it makes sense to focus positively towards what you want to create positive pictures in your mind, and to have the right motivation to drive you forward and consistently to your end goal. When you think about playing sport or achieving results in other aspects of your life, are you thinking about winning? Or are you thinking about not losing and hence considering the possibility of losing?

  Who has ever told themselves I hope I dont stuff it up!!? A key to creating better results in all areas of your life is to start thinking about what you do want, and how you want to show up, how you want to be.

  If you are generally motivated by fear, or what you dont want, it is very difficult to get long lasting change. She is now a Master Results Coach and speaker using her learnings and experience to empower individuals to produce better results in their life sport, career, finance, relationships, health, etc at

  .Did you know our unconscious mind makes up a huge 95% of our mind? Being the majority shareholder, the unconscious mind will determine the results you get. By being continually aware of your own thought processes you can begin to be pro-active in where your attention is directed.

  Focus can be applied moment by moment, daily and in short and long-term goals

It is of course her feelings towards the language

Le 8 décembre 2017, 03:57 dans Humeurs 0

  Breast melanoma affects each in different conduct and depending on the severity of each defense, the recovery interlude varies greatly.

  Breast blighted is a life-threatening disease and some very good work is being done to advance awareness sliding bearing and explore preventive events. Unfortunately, there is still downside.

  This is the actuality that these two terms "breast plague" sock worry into the hearts of most women. We all know that it is the dreaded language that sets the distress bells ringing. The psychological bearing of this means that when a lady is diagnosed with breast melanoma her stress levels missile, putting a second load on the body when she can cope with it the slightest.

  It is of course her feelings towards the language that could be the record persuade in her recovery.

  Having survived breast sarcoma myself, I think that some of the medicinal manner is in part how you spectacle the disease itself. As anybody who's read any of my preceding articles will know, I did make considerable lifestyle changes to simplify recovery. I'm also swayed that a big part of the means was down to the opinion I adopted towards disease.


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